Tuesday, November 2, 2010


    Why???why happen at me alone...i dont have many friends at here..and i know many people dont like friends with me..but why???forget about this..i feel so ones know my big secret if they know..maybe they an undersatood me!!!but i cannot give no ones know my secret!!!!god what i must to do???the question is when this test will over...
   God help me!!!i dont know what want to this situation...just u can help me!!if told my friends about my secret..did they want friends with me or not...not frinds but my people loved will go faraway from me!!!why???

  OMG!!!why me??i feel in this world just me have *******

  i look other people at outside they look happliy...walaupon dyrang ad maslah...tapi x seperti aq and knape hanya aq saja yang kena hadapi semua nihhh.....sampy blew???aq x nak pikirkannya lah...
   just always  smile :)

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