Saturday, October 23, 2010


   esok ari ahad 22 oktober,,aQ nak g kota tinggi bb nak celebrate birthdays kwan aQ hehehehe...hope everthing its okay and more so happy in this month because i have many plans..
   so i hope what we planning will begin not cancel...if cancel urmmm i will stay in my house...

   and one mre thing in this night,if my cousin come at my house we will goes Stadium Tertutup,Pasir Gudang...
  In mondays my fwens want me goes to school bacause we want plan something for my fwens.bacause 27 oktober my friends Birthdays (Arif) and then 28 oktober my birthdays,,,huhuhuhu i so happy bacause my birthdays will come in a few days..hehehhhehehee

  Oh God my english so suck..PMr IS DONE SO my english now so suck..i hope u guys understand..heheheh sowy english so suck..cooz at my school we not study again coz my class have other people use for SPM and Final exam for Form1,2 and 4...

by the way always smile:) i hope u happy..

  excited plak..hhohohoohohoh

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